Friday, May 17, 2013

Pies and More

Today we made 7 pies for the wedding:  Cherry, Apple and Blueberry.  Melanie and I got our well developed system going.  It's hard to believe that soon, she will be living a little farther away and these junkets may be fewer and farther between.  That made this time really precious.

I am now gluten free, so it has been a while since I have made pies.  Richard joined us for the Apple Pies.  He is a fast peeler and slicer.  Plus, he is just simply great on clean-up.  I tend to make messes as I go.  What a team.

All pies are safely tucked into the freezer.  Kristina will bake them for us.  She's making pies too.  I think that Deleta is going to bring pies too.  Oh, and there will be cake.  I understand that Brian and Terry (who will make the cake) did a test lately.

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