Sunday, May 19, 2013


Yesterday, I had my own little meltdown of sorts. This Mother of the Bride, who is also on a remarkable healing journey, was just worn out. So, for the weekend, I mostly just set aside the "to do list", because I had to take care of me. 

I look at the to do list and I wonder how all of this will get done. We are surrounded by many many helpers and I do know more help is coming. There are still some things that need some attention.  But it is all coming together just beautifully.

If any of the wedding travelers is up for a little help during the time you are here, just let me/us know (  A little task may be just awaiting you.  If not, that is perfectly okay.  We love you all so very very much.

And after almost 2 days of rest, I am feeling so much better.  

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