Friday, May 17, 2013

Work Party

Thursday, May 16:

Wedding plans have shifted into action. The wedding is 8 days out. Earlier today, I was wondering:  can we really do this?  It was looking overwhelming.  

Then we are graced by lovely friends who surrounded us with love, support, and much needed "elbow grease". Shared times at such "markers" of life are so very special. Fifteen people came to help. We tackled: washing dishes (yep, we are going to eat on real plates), tidying up front gardens, cleaning entrance to walk out basement, cleaning/organizing shed, painting exterior doors. These little tasks or areas are key players in the wedding festivities. I suppose we could have skipped the doors, yet doors are a part of the welcome.

Mačka, the cat, was largely invisible throughout the day.  Her usual hiding place is in the shed.  With all the racket  going on in there, I wonder where she hid.  She did appear later on in the day and seemed to survey the day's work.   

As we complete one set of tasks, we see more clearly what next needs to be done.  I feel like we are "walking in beauty" with so many beside us as we negotiate this precious space.

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