Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Feast and Migration

Melanie wanted the feast after the wedding to be served with real napkins (most of which she made), on real plates, with real silverware and with real glasses (canning jars). She also wanted the guests to wash what they used so a washing line was set up. Three meals (rehearsal dinner, breakfast and lunch on wedding day) were made and served in the house with many people coming to assist. The feast after the wedding was made by a restaurant in the Greentop area (Sebrees) which specializes in local food. The food was fantastic. Everything was so awesome. 

It was pretty funny, because with the volume of people going through the house, a considerable number of items in the kitchen moved onto other places. We know they are still here somewhere. We can almost hear them murmuring to come back to their regular places. We hadn't realized how much we loved so many of the items. Over half of the stainless steel knives/forks/spoons have migrated elsewhere and are surely intermingled with service for 180. Richard couldn't find his trusty mug. One by one we are finding the "lost" and you should hear our exuberance as we are reunited. It is pretty funny really. The old me would have been a stress cadet. The new me goes with the flow and trusts that we will soon be reunited. Every reunion is another loving memory of such a beautiful time.

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