Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Flower Shack

One stall of the garage was converted into the "Flower Shack": Flowers for the wedding were those in season and from the land here. The Bride and her Mother (who was asked to oversee the flowers) wanted no store bought flowers.  Many contributed. 

A few days before the wedding, Jackie S. sent out the call for flowers to Master Gardeners in the area and to gardeners at First Presbyterian Church. Eva picked them up at Jackie's house the morning of the wedding. By the time she arrived about 10 at the Farm, her van was full. In addition, Kristina sent buckets of flowers via Allison (who found it a real adventure to find Kristina's house). Sarah Saltmarsh brought her own lovely potted plants. Julia brought flowers too. I am sure I am missing someone. 

By 10 am, the flower arrangers were gathered in the garage making bouquets for the bride, for Isabel, for the tables (big and small). Plus we were making boutonnieres and corsages too, with Eva's experience and loving attention guiding the way. 

Flower arrangers were:  Eva, Allison, Brockell, Isabel, Jan, Julia, me.  (Did I forget someone?)  When we had to skee-dattle to eat lunch, change into wedding clothes, onto other chores, Marcia came in to gather flower petals for Etta's basket.  Etta was the flower girl.   

At one point, the groom came to check out the doin's.  We surely created a traffic jam of parked cars outside the garage and blocking the drive.  Patrick and Phoenix volunteered to offer valet parking to move the cars onto the lane.  

We had so much fun. It was cold and rainy which was perfect for the flowers.  I admit, I kept adding clothes and then changing clothes because I was wet from the trips through the rain.  I kept asking Richard to gather buckets and specific flowers as needed from our yard. And off he would go out in the rain (sometimes accompanied by lightning, yikes). What an amazing time.

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