Sunday, May 19, 2013

Notes for Those Attending...

We keep carefully watching the spot where the ceremony will take place.  This is an arbor that Richard built early in our move here at my request.  Dave and Richard have added pieces for a "dome effect"  or more expansive effect.  The previous "ceiling" would have meant Dave could not stand at the full expression of his height.  Now that wouldn't work.

We especially have been noting the shade pattern at about the time of the wedding.  Bear in mind that it is an outdoor wedding and most guests will be seated without cover.  There will be space for folks who have sensitivities to sun or heat, but that is however limited.

Melanie and I brainstormed some things for guests to consider.  Do consider what you may need for sun protection:  hats, umbrellas, lotion.  And carpool if you can (that means everyone is closer and we produce less CO2).  Parking will be along the lane in front of the house.  Come early and be prepared to walk up to a half mile to get to the site of the wedding.  Wedding is scheduled to start at 2pm.  If walking is an issue, just pull down the drive.  The day may also inspire some folks to consider bringing a blanket to sit on the ground.

We are also watching intently the weather. Thunderstorms are predicted at a 40% chance but for the morning. As we get closer, we will know more.  If there is rain, we will be heading for the tent.  By a week from today, we will know exactly what happened.  Tee hee hee.

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