Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wedding Day

May 27:

Already the wedding was 2 days ago. How can that be? The day was just absolutely fantastic. We had cold and pouring down rain in the morning. And it did not dampen our spirits one bit. We live on a Water Planet, right? I do know some prayers were said out there. 

Just before the wedding, the rain stopped. Decision was made by Amanda Packard and Beth Campbell (who picked up the reins of the wedding festivities just 2 days before) to go ahead with the outdoor wedding as planned. Chairs were put up as the loving guests arrived. It was so awesome. Melanie, Julia Jack-Scott and I watched the doin's from the Bride's Chamber which was 1 story above and largely out of sight to those below. 

Would you believe that when the ceremony began under the arbor, the sun began to shine? The rest of the day was lush and gorgeous. The whole wedding went without a hitch. It had all the serenity of the beginning of a sacred union and it was also so much fun. I cannot believe all the people who were involved. It reached a stage where so many people just fell into the roles that were needed. Dave Greene and Melanie and their families and community were surrounded with love. What a launching of their commitment! 

Thanks to all who came, who lovingly sent wishes from afar, and to all those who helped in large and small ways. We are in the "after glow" time. And it feels so very good. Pictures will follow.

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