Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Outhouse Adventures

Melanie's fiance' and soon to be husband, Dave Greene, has been putting the final touches on the outhouse he built with some support from Melanie (design-wise, she wanted it "cute"), Beth (who seems to specialize in cuteness-raising along with her many other talents) and Richard. It along with the 2 portapotties will be ready for the outhouse's maiden voyage this weekend. 

Only problem was that Dave dropped a tool into the hole for the seat. This provoked some additions to the "to do" list. He had to drain the water that had been collected (outhouse is as yet "un-used"), remove the seat, step into the hole he had dug (which originally was up to his shoulders but now is not quite so deep). He discovered that mud had sloughed off into the hole with the recent rains. Getting in was not a problem. Getting out of the sticky Missouri clay with his boots on was. Here is a photo of his boots, which rather look like priomordial beings intent on conversation. 

It sure isn't dull around here.  Seems like just when we are getting maybe a little serious, Creator throws in a little humor.

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