Thursday, May 31, 2012

What's Happening

We don't have television here.  Yes, we do have internet.  But the television is long gone.  He received his termination papers in the mid 90s, so you can see we are pretty serious about it.  We had come to conclude that television added little to our lives.

So what comes natural to us is to be outside and to look outside.  We go for walks every day.  We note "what's up" with nature.  Every day marks a subtle shift in the turning of the wheel from the day before.  We just don't want to miss anything.  These are things that we noted today:
  • One variety of peas is in decline.  Richard pulled them out.
  • I noted poison ivy growing near a fence post in the chicken pen.  That will have to go.
  • The Bees are noticeably quiet today.  What are they doing in there?  Probably the same thing the humans have been doing inside today.
  • A baby Cardinal was wondering if he had flown the nest a little soon.  The parents were letting us know we were a little close. We moved on.
  • Pond seems to have gone down.
  • What is that hole in the ground in the middle of the path?  Richard and I looked down.  White "litter" was about.  We concluded the site must have been a Turtle Nest.  We don't know how to tell if the nest was successful.  But you should have seen us.  We were all upside down examining this amazing find.  The "white litter" were the shells.  How many times have we walked that path right over the turtle's nest.
  • Elderberries are blooming.  Their large clusters of small white flowers are simply gorgeous.  In the waning light of evening, those flowers stood out like beacons against the dark woods.
  • Wild cherries are ripening.  Melanie said that if you discover them to be ripe, you should harvest them soon.  Otherwise, the birds will beat you to it.  Gone...
  • Mr. Dickcissel was singing. He's new company in these parts.

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