Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Broody Hennie

By Friday of last week,
I was feeling
like a Broody Hennie.
All I wanted to do
was stay home,
tend my Nest.
I was even starting
to puff up real big
and squawk
if anyone got too close.
It's been
busy around here
for far too long.
While mostly a good busy,
we have had
many challenges
this Growing Season:
Huge Amounts of Rain,
Heat, Heat, Heat,
Weeds, Weeds, Weeds,
Storms, Storms, Storms
(especially early on),
Compacted Soils,
Stressed Plants,
Stressed Humans.
We are so intent
attending to Challenges
of the Moment,
that sometimes
we get lost
and forget
who we are,
where we are.
But our Garden
is doing well,
launching new produce daily,
for which we are
deeply grateful.
Food Preservation
is in full swing.
Assuming all goes well,
the intensity of the Harvest
will go through October.
Plus, Jonathan is helping us
paint the interior
of our Little Home,
and attend to little Projects
which will help us settle.
That means
the usual things
are not found
in the usual places.
I have been
cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.
Just thinking
about all of these things,
my Feathers
begin puffing up
once again.
Last Friday was
Ethan's Birthday
and the Pie Goddess
that is Me
made 2 Pies.
At the last minute,
I sent the Pies
and stayed Home.
All of a sudden,
I wasn't so Cranky
any more.
That felt good.
Glinda Crawford, 2010

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