Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Everything is intense
at this time.
The heat is intense;
for these days,
weather forecasts
have consistently noted
a heat index
of 105-110 degrees.
That reminds me
of the wind chill factor
which we followed intently up North.
Down here,
we are on the other end.
Right alongside,
the Mother Earth
is producing
in abundance.
Each day,
we have new things
to harvest
and put by.
She calls the shots.
We go with the flow.
We bow
in reverence
and gratitude
toward the Power
that we see and feel.
This intensity supports
the Creation
of Life itself.
Today, Richard put up
Ketchup and Tomato Soup.
Those 10 Gallons of Tomatoes
made 10 Precious Pints of Ketchup.
Was it over 10 hours?
We didn't count.
I kept picking
my Glorious Dry Edible Beans.
Melanie is gone
for a few Days,
visiting friends
and attending
an Herbal Conference.
we will be canning Chicken
from the Freezer.
That comes just ahead
of cleaning out the Freezer
(which we should have done earlier)
and processing the Little Roos.
I think
about the intensity of Life
for us right now.
Many in the Natural world
would describe the same.
We are not separate
from any of that.
Glinda Crawford, 2010

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