Thursday, August 12, 2010

Meditation on Canning Chicken 2

Four days ago,
I put Frozen Chickens
into the Refrigerator
to begin a slow Thaw.
On the morning of Canning,
Richard put the Chickens
into 2 Big Kettles.
That includes Carcasses
from past Meals
or times we did not use
the whole Bird.
Once boiling,
those Sacred Gifts
of our Chickens
began a gentle Boil.
When tender,
we turned off the Burner
and let them cool.
That took a while
on this hot Day.
Plus, those Chickens seem
to hold their Heat.
Later that afternoon,
I began to slowly separate
Meat from Bones.
I had 3 containers going:
Meat, Bones/Skin/Cartilage, Broth.
While I separated,
my mind wondered
to the Little Roosters
in the Rooster Coop.
They have been
on this Farm
for 3 1/2 months.
They've gone
from little Balls of Fluff
we held in our hands
to big, regal Birds full of energy.
They went from Little Peeps
to Adolescent Roosters
practicing their 1st Crows.
That Coop now contains
66 Roosters full of vim and vinegar.
Soon, the Coop will be silent
as Richard will process the Birds.
I am left to ponder
the Gifts of the Roosters.
Richard took the Leavings
out to bury on the Land.
We give our Thanks
to the Little Roos
for their Gift of Life.
Their Gift of Life becomes
part of our Gift of Life.
They will become part of us.
I can only hope
our Walk is a fitting tribute
to something so rich and so deep,
something intended
by the Divine.
Glinda Crawford, 2010

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