Monday, August 2, 2010

Little Peeps

Lacey's Clutch of Eggs began hatching yesterday. Melanie and Lacey have a special relationship, so Lacey allowed Melanie to carefully lift her Feathers to see underneath. First, Melanie noticed little "Pips". The Little Peep inside was using its Egg Tooth to make its way out of the shell. We Humans were excited. I wonder how that Little Peep felt. As the Eggs hatched, Melanie removed them from the nest. Lacey herself would have done that. Melanie was just helping her out. Richard, our resident Ornithologist, helped us see the pattern that the Shells were opened. That Little Egg Tooth pipped its way around the Big End of the Egg Shell. That's where the Air Sac is. And, Bingo, the Little Peep was out into the Big World.Initially, the Little Peeps were all wet. They snuggled underneath Lacey. Then one by one, when dry and somewhat sturdy on their feet, they ventured into the outside world only inches from Mom.Lacey stayed on nest throughout the day. By tomorrow, she will abandon the Eggs that do not hatch. So far, 5 of 10 have hatched. Then she will be teaching the Little Peeps how to drink and feed. Soon, she will take them outside into the Big World of the Brooder House Coop.

Lacey is a good Mom. This is our 1st hatch of our very own Chickens. All the parent Birds were raised here. Freddie is the Dad. Congratulations to all. And welcome to our World, Little Peeps.

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