Friday, August 27, 2010


Richard and Rhiannon harvested the next batch of the biggest Carrots today. They left behind the littler ones in hopes that they fill out and can also be added to the Stash.

Richard and Rhiannon cleaned the Carrots and separated them into 2 groups. When they finished, they had 4 Gallons in the "To Can" stash and 2 Gallons in the "Winter Keepers". The "To Can" stash includes the irregularly formed Carrots, while the bigger Carrots that are relatively smooth and regular in shape are put into the "Winter Keeper Stash". The bucket below is in the "Winter Keeper" stash.The Carrots below definitely were in the category of more creatively formed. They kind of make me smile. We never know exactly what is happening under the ground or why. We often come up with some unexpected delights in art form. I remember Dewey Berkquist, who was a weather announcer on television up north 3 decades ago, would show unusual shapes in veggies at the end of his weather reports. I think we could have submitted these

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