Monday, August 2, 2010

Cane's Growing

July 31:

We took a family walk into the field of Sorghum Cane. Those vigorous Plants grow visibly each day. We can even see the growth from the back porch.

The Plants which have their origins in Africa like the heat. The moisture must have been to their liking too. All this moisture can make for shallow roots. That would not be a good thing.

Harvest is still at least a month away. Anything can happen. The Plants are not sending up heads yet. We could have High Winds that would topple the Crop. Harvest would become like sorting through gigantic "pick-up sticks". We have done that before. That definitely would not be a good thing.

We are grateful for every day of growing. We know we are not in charge. We hope and pray the crop "makes". Harvest is a gift from the Divine. We small Humans just watch, hope and pray. Those Plants seem to say: "Hello, World. Watch me grow."

In the meantime, Freddie the Rooster joins us on our walk. He's conducting his own inspection too.

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