Thursday, August 12, 2010


Hot nights make
for Challenging Sleep.
Maybe we are supposed to get up,
watch the Stars,
just be in Nature.
So we got up before 4 this morning.
Richard made a cup of Coffee
and took the 4 Leggeds
(Scamp, Max, Ladd)
on Rounds.
I came downstairs
and began to clatter away
at these Keys.
Richard came back in
to let me know
we must be in the middle
of the Perseids,
whose meteors make for a Phenomenal Light Show.
So I headed outside too.
We parked ourselves
in the Rocking Chairs
on the East Deck.
The Constellations
Cassieopia, Perseus and the House
were in the Eastern Sky.
The Milky Way ran East to West.
When I noted that it ran
North to South in the Winter,
Richard said it runs differently in Summer.
The "educated" person
that I am
once again
learned something new.
I looked intently
into the Black Night Sky.
Meteors were flashing.
Don't blink because you'll miss it.
In the meantime,
Richard heard
what sounded like
rattling in the Corn.
He headed out
with Flashlight in hand.
Upon return,
his conclusion was
that it must be the bursting
of the Seedheads
of the Sorghum Cane.
While we sat on the Deck,
all around,
we could hear
Ladd barking those short high pitched barks
which mean Visitors
we Humans could not sense.
In the background,
we heard that deep "Hah-Hah-Hah"
whose illusive identity
is still unknown to us.
We Humans know so little,
and we try to be open
to so much.
Glinda Crawford, 2010

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