Friday, August 20, 2010

An Every Day Ordinary August Day

Like Magic, Produce appears on the East Deck in August, marking the beginning of the peak period of Harvest. While we do have a sense as to what is coming, every day is a surprise. We are filled with Awe and Gratitude.

Wednesday evening, we 3 C's gathered the Edemame, which is a wonderful edible Soybean. We easily had 6 Gallons. Richard picked 5 Gallons of Heirloom Tomatoes on Thursday morning. They are waiting for him to take to the Nursing Home where Mother is. That 5 Gallon Bucket holds more than enough for Mother and her Friends there. It feels so good to share the Bounty, especially with Elders, many of whom were Gardeners and have known old Varieties.

Also on Thursday morning, Melanie picked some of the small Tomatoes. She and I cut them and placed them on Screens for dehydrating. Each Screen produces about 1 cup of Dried Tomatoes. Last year, we prepared 42 Cups. We love them. So we are targeting that range for dehydrating this year. Later in the afternoon, Melanie put the Edemame in boiling water for about 3-5 minutes. She then drained the Beans and cooled them a bit. We sat outside under the Austrees and hulled them.

We did have a few Chickens who graciously offered to help. Pinchy, the White Plymouth Rock, was more than excited that we would have a few beans which did not pass our quality standard for freezing. She blends right in to that Chicken Apron that Deleta made for me. I smiled.

Those 6 Gallons of Edemame made 12-2 Cup packages for Freezing, plus some to give to Sarah at the Possibility Alliance. They lost all their Beans to Rabbits.
I just love the Bright Beautiful Green of Edemame. They make a great Snack while in preparation too.

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