Monday, August 30, 2010

Celebrating Seasons

My name is Glinda
and I come from
a very strange Tribe.
Rather than cherishing
all Stages of the Life Cycle,
the People of my Tribe
elevate Young Adulthood,
holding it in highest Regard.
Its Physical Standard
and High Speed Chases
without consideration
of Consequence
become the Marker
upon which all is judged.
It is as if Life
begins and ends
in Young Adulthood.
are trained to look
and act like
they are "all growed up".
Middle and Ageing Adults
go to extended efforts
to appear Young,
in what they wear
and in painted Hair.
You name it.
The results are
quite bizarre.
Whole industries
are created to appear
what one is not:
The Frail Elder's
only crime
against the Tribe,
is that they can
no longer play
that game.
With their Physical Limitations
and inclination
to think out of that Fashion,
they are seqestered on shelves,
Out of Sight,
Out of Mind.
While the Whole of my Tribe
seems intent on High Speed Chases
of the Latest Trendy Fancy,
the Elderly are labeled as stuck
in some kind of time warp
where none of us
now want to live.
As a result,
we distance ourselves
from them.
When will the People of my Tribe
begin to cherish
all stages of the Life Cycle
for the Beauty the Creator intended?
The 4 Seasons of Life---
Childhood and Youth,
Young Adulthood,
Middle Adulthood,
Late Adulthood and Elder---
all have
their Purpose
and their Beauty
in the Great Scheme of Things.
What kind of Bizarre Tribe
have we created
when we do not honor
the Sacred Balance of these Things?
What Damage has been done
to the Precious Psyches
of all of us
when we cannot honor
that which we are?
How may I live my Life
to honor these Sacred Gifts?
Glinda Crawford, 2010

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