Monday, August 16, 2010

Update on Dry Edible Beans

August 10:

While productive, my Dry Edible Beans are not doing as well as in previous years. Pods are small, fewer Beans are developing, some Beans are under-developed or deformed, and their cycle is faster.

These are all symptoms of Plants under stress. Typically when a Plant is under stress it will go fast through its cycle toward Seed Production; I suppose that is reflective of its intense energy to create and survive.

I have no doubt that my Dry Edible Beans have seen more than their fair share of stress this growing Season, including Rains, Heat, Compacted Soil. Yikes. That wouldn't be fun. When I pulled Bean Pods off a few of the Plants, the whole Plant was sometimes pulled up. Roots seem to have been underdeveloped or have rotted. Yes, stress.

So I am spending time daily in the Garden picking Beans. The Rains (which have slowed) cause them to mold, so out of the Garden they must go when they are ready. I am shelling them, drying and turning them.

Today I even had some help from Company with the Shelling. That was fun shared time. My Dear Company and I looked with wonder at the magical little pod packages gently holding those Colorful Beans. They were like holiday Packages under the Tree of Life.

These Beans are Lina Cisco's Bird's Egg. They are a Horticultural Type. I love their lovely Pink Color on Cream Background. You will note other Beans in Bowls underneath. These days, horizontal surfaces are in high demand. We will probably still have quite a few Beans.

Seeing how vulnerable they are to the Cycles of Nature, every Bean just becomes that much more precious. All of Life is vulnerable to the Whims of the Great Mother too. That includes the 2-Leggeds, some of whom tend to think of themselves as All Powerful. We are not.

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