Sunday, August 29, 2010

Clown Theater Feedback

When I visited
the Nursing Home yesterday,
had much
praise and gratitude
for the Clowns
for their performance on Thursday.
Many leaned toward me
to ask questions
and share their thanks.
Sometimes words were limited
but the sparkle in their eyes
spoke volumes.
Other times,
Wisdom of Age was evident.
This is what I heard:
"That was really special."
"I really appreciate their efforts."
"Come back any time."
"It was really good
they went to all that effort."
"Keep on doing this,
because there are
a lot of sad people in the world."
"Thanks so much."
"You tell them that
D. and I really enjoyed it."
"You can tell them
they can come back
again and again."
"Thank you."
"Come back again,
... and again,
... and again."
"It was really good
for those poor old people
who can't get out, me."
These are beautiful words.
Accompanying those words
were smiles and twinkles
that were beautiful to see.

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