Monday, August 2, 2010


I told some Residents at the Nursing Home today that Richard had gone to an Auction on Saturday. The Question was: "What did he get?" I smiled: "Tools. You can never have enough tools."

One of the men has had a very tough time (including the loss of his beloved Wife 2 weeks ago). I have really not heard him speak much at all, and especially in a light way. He nodded and smiled in a whimsical but knowing way: "You can never have enough tools."

So I have cooked up an idea. I think it would be great if Richard and his 2 Brothers would visit the Nursing Home and bring some of their Auction Treasures. Especially Tools. Melanie said she thought that would be a great idea. While the Nursing Home experience is a strain, to be sure, under the best of circumstances, men in particular seem to have few activities tailored especially to them.

So what do you think, Brothers? Leave it to Glinda to cook something up. If this is of interest and you have time, I would work on making the connections.

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