Friday, August 20, 2010

Full August Days

These days have been
so full
I haven't taken
much time
to write.
As the Days go by,
I don't focus on
how full
the Days are,
or the Big Picture
of what we have to do.
We just do
one thing
at a time.
it would be
over the top.
We have
4 Social Engagements
in 6 days,
which is way
out of the frame for us.
We had 37
at the Master Gardener Tour
and Pot Luck here
on Tuesday.
It was wonderful.
I think it is fair to say
"a good time was had by all."
I was reminded
the next day
that this body
is not as young
as it once was.
With some rest,
I am ready
to go again.
Tonight, Melanie and I
are going
to a Pot Luck
of fellow Homesteaders
we know
through the Possibility Alliance.
we are having
a Neighborhood Gathering,
which Melanie and Wendy
have created.
Thank goodness,
it isn't here.
And Sunday is
Melanie's Birthday.
In the middle of these things,
Harvest and Preservation have reached
Crescendo of the Garden Season Symphony.
The Piano came Tuesday.
So did the 2nd of 2 Dual Flush Toilets.
The semi driver tooted his horn
"toot toot"
as he approached
our Drive.
I now have the Toilet
in the back of my Car
and the Plumber comes
next week.
The Piano Tuner
came Wednesday.
Melanie and I
have been playing
around on the Keys ever since.
Jonathan comes back today
to continue
painting in the House.
The little House seems
more and more like Home.
This morning, Richard picked
5 Gallons of Tomatoes,
for Ravioli Sauce
and Baked Tomatoes.
He will can the Sauce
and freeze the Baked Tomatoes.
It looks like another day of Magic
right there at Home on the Gas Range.
Melanie and I are headed
to the Garden
to harvest Dry Beans,
because Rain is coming
perhaps even tonight.
My Mind wonders
about considering
Lessons of the Soil.
Melanie suggested
having a Harvest Dinner in October,
asking Folks
to bring Canned or Dried Foods
(with Recipes) to share.
Just another full August day
on Butterfly Hill Farm.
Glinda Crawford, 2010

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