Saturday, January 14, 2012

Light Snow Snarls Traffic

The newspaper headline said:  "St. Louis: Light Snow Snarls Traffic for Hours". Melanie and Richard both agreed that we had the same situation right here on the Farm.  Only the traffic that got snarled was our flock of 51 chickens who were all set to head outside in the morning.  Hearing Richard's footsteps, they were all piled up at the door.  He opened the door and to their surprise and dismay, the ground was white.  I should say that only the front ones saw the change in color.  You could almost hear them go "thunk, thunk, thunk".  A few got pushed out the door.  Some meandered out a bit.  But mostly it was an inside day.  They were in for hours and hours.

1 comment:

Keith Andrea said...

.,oh poor chickens.,just stay inside first and wait. don't worry time will come you will be out soon.

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