Sunday, January 8, 2012

Upcoming Workshop: "Spring Forward into Gardening"

Jennifer Schutter, Extension Horticulturist for the University of Missouri, has organized an upcoming workshop entitled "Spring Forward into Gardening", which is set for Saturday, March 31.  Topics include: incorporating flowers into your garden, what's killing my trees, growing root crops, growing home garden tomatoes, anyone can raise vegetables, raising backyard grapes, raising backyard chickens, vegetable garden panel discussion, now that I've grown it what do I do with it, and it starts with the soil.  Cost is $15.  For more info, call the Extension office at 660-665-9866 or check out:

Both Melanie and I are on the program.  Melanie will be talking about one of her favorite subjects:  raising chickens.  I am on the Vegetable Gardening panel with John Rowe and Gregg Fast addressing:  what we have learned in our combined over 100 years of gardening.  Every day of gardening I feel like I am once again back in that first day of school.  I suppose that would be the 1st thing that I have learned. The learning never ends.  It just begins again. And again.

It is always a wonderful time when Gardeners get together and talk.

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