Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I just absolutely love Geraniums, the old fashioned Red Ones like Mom used to have (and her Dad before her and her Grandmother before her).  When I was establishing my own household up North, I wanted the latest and newest of Plants, representative of trends someone else told me I should follow.  The humble Red Geranium did not even make the list.  As I have aged and as I have learned that such plants connect us to generations and stories of long ago, I am quite smitten by them. 

These Geraniums actually belonged to Mother when she had her last Garden in 2008.  I purchased some at the same time from the same place, so some are mine.  I don't know which is which and that is OK.

The Geraniums have gone through a kind of "dormancy time" and now they are beginning to put on new dresses of lovely Leaves.  Clearly, they are gearing up for the growing season ahead. 

When I began this little entry, I intended to share 2 things (other matters popped up too).  I love my Geraniums and I love indoor plants especially during the Winter.  Silk Plants just don't cut it, and if you don't agree that's OK and it's likely we won't have much to talk about on the plant order.

On any given day, you might find me meandering around the house, checking out the watering situation and just gently "stroking the leaves" of the Geraniums and all their Friends.  These plants are my friends and I think they know I love them and respond to the love I give.  I think they give love too. 

Our western "advanced" way of thinking views Nature as devoid of "spirit".  All of Nature is viewed as dead.  It's only purpose is to serve Human needs.  I simply do not agree.  Viewing Plants and any form of Nature as imbued with Life, as filled with Spirit, as a Gift from the Divine, as one in a great Circle of Life of which Humans are simply one part is much more characteristic of Indigenous Peoples.  For me, this way of thinking is a lot more fulfilling.  I didn't always think this way, but I surely do now.

Seeing the Geraniums and their many outward expressions these days reminds me that soon I will be planting Seeds for transplants into the Garden.  Leeks are up 1st and hopefully, I will have them planted within the next week.  Having a few more Seeds will help.  The Leek Seeds should arrive in the next 7-10 days.  Already I am making plans to do some shifts in the house to accommodate Plants at the south facing Windows.  Some day I do hope we will have a small Green House but that is a ways off.  For now I need to keep focused on what I have to do.  I also need to transplant some House Plants too.

Slowly but surely, the Great Wheel of Life with its Seasons is shifting into the growing time.  That seems simply amazing to me.  After my "hibernation phase", I just might be ready.

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