Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Canning Venison

We canned Venison today using the Recipe that I had posted earlier. We thawed 9 pounds of Venison and sure enough, it made about 10 pints.  These last couple of weeks, we have been canning Meat (Chicken and Venison) to clear out space in the Freezer as the 1/4 of Beef will arrive tomorrow. 

Having harvests and food crops stored in a variety of ways (frozen, canned, dried, and so on) makes good sense.  In Nature, there is diversity and diversity is an important model for the Human too.

We also can Meat just because like it.  A lot.  Canned Venison (Beef, too) provides a quick start for Stew.  So does Canned Chicken.  Canned Chicken is simply fantastic for a quick Chicken Salad in the Summer Time after some intense working times in the Garden.  We also use Meats in other ways, but these are among our favorites. 


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