Sunday, January 22, 2012

Recycling Photos

January 8:

While I wait until the day that I make a decision on the new camera, I shall be recycling some photos. This one is of Melanie and it was taken a year ago on this day. We were walking in the area that is now our pond. What a difference a year can make. That area doesn't look that way now.

I also note that there is no snow. We had a heavy snow year last year. This year, it has not seemed like winter one bit. The warm temps and the lack of snow have been outside the normal pattern. I hear mixed assessments from the Humans: "I love it", "I try to accept what is", "I feel confused", "I'm uneasy; it just doesn't seem right".

In the meantime, we offer a prayer that the Earth will return to her regular cycles and that we Humans will find our place in it.

Note:  I am delighted to say that this is the only photo I "recycled" from the treasure chest of photos from this little Farm.  The new camera came in to replace the old one which went on strike.  (January 24, 2012).

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