Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Camera

January 22:

Richard and I took a walk this morning and I brought along my new camera. The camera and I are just getting to know each other. I usually take fewer winter pictures. It is just too cold for the camera and me. This day was no exception.

Each of the shots was an experiment: How will it turn out? Maybe the camera is a metaphor for each day and each moment of life: "How will it turn out?" With the camera, I can delete pictures that are not up to speed. With life, it is better not to "delete" the rough spots in the road because they are often great teachers. Even yet, those pictures that do not turn out usually have something to teach me too.

On this day we walked the "loop" which gives us lovely views of the pond, the meadows and the woods. We had awakened to a misty morning and everything was coated with just a tiny coat of ice. Ice is beautiful from a distance. As I am older now, I am not as exuberant about it as I once was as a kid. The only area that was icy was the deck. Everything else was an easy walk.

The day is one with "low light". It is a perfect day dedicated to "rest".

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