Tuesday, January 31, 2012


A little over a week ago, we started seeing a furry creature just out of the corner of our eyes.  Gone.  At first, we could not detect what she was. And always, another animal on the place is something we pay attention to.  But the creature was gone as quickly as she was detected.  Was she a figment of our imagination?

Over time, the creature began to allow herself to be seen.  Cat.  She appears young.  She talks to us in a many little high pitched "Mew's".  She is sweet.  She seems to have good energy.  It is fun to watch her play about the place.  She is wild, yet somehow not.

Melanie, who is ever the cat and creature lover, has been working on socialization.  Cat to place.  Cat to humans.  Cat to Cats (Max and Scamp have a vote here). And the reverse.  We all 3 were committed to accepting whatever happened as whatever is supposed to be.  Whatever that means.

She has been getting closer.  We still can't yet pet her.  She seems to want to come inside.  None of us are ready for that.  She has made herself at home in the shed.  It's always good to have an outdoor cat patrolling the place.  Melanie feeds her in the morning.  The little Cat has water on the back porch and a nice big spot of open soil for a litter pan.

Melanie named her "Mačka", which is Croatian for "Cat".  Her name is pronounced:  "MAC (like NOTCH only with an M), kah".  So far so good.  It feels really good to have something young on the place.  We are not sure that she is a "she".  We know we will need to take her to the vet, but not yet.  We will see how it all works out.  Max and Scamp seem accepting so far.  For all of us, she seems to be fitting right in.

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