Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Seed Orders Complete

These last 2 days, we have been ordering Seeds from Shumway, Seed Savers, Burpee's, Seeds of Change, and Sand Hill Preservation Farm.  We had intended to order from Baker Creek, but unfortunately we still haven't gotten their catalog.

If you would have visited us yesterday, you would have found Melanie and me going through the 2 bins of Seeds.  Richard had already decided on what he was going to order.  Melanie and I were noting and sorting. 

Overall, we are ordering far less this year.  Several reasons come to mind.  We have been increasingly saving our own Seeds.  We have a stock pile of Seeds from past years.  Some will remain viable for a while and for those we just plant more than the recommended amount per row.  One of the most important reasons is that approaching Gardening Season 2012 (which is our 6th growing Season here), we are much more clear on what works and what doesn't.  In the beginning, we planted a lot of "fun things" and we still do.  But we do far less, focusing on what we need to fill our bellies, the pantry and the freezers.  You can add to that the fact that we are "going simpler" this year.  That feels really good.

And I suppose if you have looked at this photo, you will note that we are on a "corded" phone.  That's on purpose.  We 3 C's are trying to keep things simple, cut expenses, and eliminate modern day practices which are increasingly connected to Human Health Issues.  Our little corded Phone ("Old Blue") is kind of cumbersome sometimes, but She works and She is a trusty contributor to our life here on the Farm.

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