Sunday, January 8, 2012

Our Rap on Wrap

December 25:

We 3 C's had a beautiful, quiet, simple Christmas Day celebration here at the Farm. This capped a series of "honorings" which began just after Thanksgiving.

We took the morning to unwrap gifts over cups of tea (which Melanie had fresh brewed) and with sides of Povitica (which was freshly made yesterday). The latter has definite possibilities for becoming an addition to our traditions.

We were careful throughout to save every scrap that would have use in the future. That means as little as possible for the landfill. It means cutting costs too. I don't need to tell you that wrap is expensive, for the Human's pocket book and for the Earth.

What you see above (from left to right) includes: Santa's bag (this bag has magically appeared under our tree every Christmas morning since the late 70's; word has it that it was formerly a grain bag from our friend and former neighbor Blanche), brown bags which I painted 10-15 years ago (they are reminiscent of the plain brown bags that Richard's Mother used to use to wrap gifts), commercial gift bags and wrapping (some were Mom's), tissue (bright colors and light), ribbons and gift tags (above).

Sometimes I am struck by how much we have changed as we have embarked on this excursion of using as little of the planet's resources as we can. We will be confronted with situations where the change is very evident. Three years ago, we had a lovely celebration with family. Gifts were given and wraps were being whisked away toward the trash can. Melanie and I just stopped in our tracks. We were stunned. We haven't done that for a good many years. We tried not to be intrusive, but we did manage to bring home some lovely ribbons. It's not that we are "cheap", we are just resourceful.

You may notice the Watermelon above. That was the last of the Watermelons from our Garden. Usually they are best only in season. We saved this one for the Chicken's Christmas Dinner. They were delighted.

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