Monday, May 3, 2010

Wed Small Ones

April 29:

Baby White Plymouth Rock Chicks are under the rosy glow of their Heat Lamp. This is their 4th day on the Farm. They are about a week old. Gee, are they growing and changing.

They are getting bigger. They are more active. They are easily startled. The Chicks who are males have already begun to play their Male Game of Sparring. They love their little Dirt Cup. Whenever 1 of them finds a special treat, they run and run in their playpen box as if to say: "I have something and you don't. I am not sure what I have, but it's mine." Hearing their little feet running makes me smile.

We check in on the Baby Chickens about once every 2 hours. Like all Babies, 1 needs to check to make sure the conditions are just right to nourish their development. We are doing that with our Baby Plants too. As I clatter away at these keys, Melanie is bringing in the Tomatoes and Peppers. While a lovely Spring Day, that Gusty Wind is really something for new Plants not accustomed to such things. Their outing today is short.

Taking responsibility for Living Things is a big deal. We have to set out own agenda aside, because we don't want to mess up.

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