Friday, May 21, 2010

Name Tags

Melanie and Rachel made "name tags" for the Herbs last night. Richard cut sticks and whittled "white space" for names. Then they painted them. I should say that we are now ready to introduce our Herbs to our Human Family.

Rachel is leaving soon. She was our 1st connection outside of Family when we arrived. I wonder if her 3 years here have gone as fast as ours. It was good to have her here last night. It was great to have her energy go into making this a little Farm. It seemed fitting at parting. We wish this Dear One well on the next adventures of Her Life's Journey.

By the way, those are Coleus (from Mother) and Sweet Potatoes (from Ilene, "Georgia Jet" variety) waving their little arms in "Hello" to those looking into this screen.

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