Sunday, May 2, 2010


Migratory Birds
head northward
toward Nesting Grounds,
a Time Honored Practice
of the Turning of the Wheel.
On Wings
large and small,
they focus on a Grand Play
which would amaze the 2 Leggeds below.
Such designs are a glimpse
into the Great Mystery and
a celebration of the Grand Creation
of which we Humans are 1 small part.
The Migratory Routes
of the Winged Ones
are increasingly chopped up and
obliterated by Human Practices
of altering Landscapes
without consideration
for our Critter Kin.
Our Critter Kin
are also Creations of the Divine.
And now we have another dilemma.
That gushing Oil Well
is sending that Black Goo
into the Gulf and
into the rich Estuaries
which are homes
to countless Creatures.
many of those Feathered Migrants
this Fall
will return
to their own Sacred Lands
which border the Sea.
What will they find?
Whatever befalls that Landscape
befalls them.
Whatever befalls this Landscape
befalls us too.
How does 1 say:
"I'm sorry."
How does 1
make that Black Goo stop.
We are migrants too.
Glinda Crawford, 2010

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