Thursday, May 27, 2010

Visitors to the Farm

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Stacia, husband Chris, and daughter Neela
stopped by the Farm today.
It's not exactly on the way
from Colorado to St. Paul.
But it was today.
Stacia is one of my former students,
and one of my teachers too.
Stacia's professional work
has focused on horticultural therapy.
You could call that
using the Earth as teacher and healer.
On this beautiful day,
Neela and her companions
came to the Farm to play.
First, she visited the baby Chickens.
Throughout, she was fascinated
by all she could see.Next, we visited the Strawberry Bed.
She learned the difference
between a warm Strawberry straight from the patch
and a cold one transported long distances to the store.
Or perhaps, we all learned that.
She learned she should follow Melanie
to zero in on perfect Berries.
She learned Red Berries
are for picking and eating,
white Berries not.
She learned Farmers love Buckets.She learned Missouri is a shorter distance to travel than Colorado.
We are eager to have them back. After they left,
I thought "Farm Therapy",
why not?
That seems
to describe
what we're doing around here.
Glinda Crawford, 2010

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