Monday, May 31, 2010

In Praise of Mulch

We are having unseasonably Hot Weather here in the early Summer. All the Rains initially yielded waterlogging beneath the Soil. Plus, the Heat and Sun have baked the Soil and it is like a brick in spots.

The plants are showing signs of stress. How can they grow when the Soil is that hard and the heat is intense? They are just wee little. Some of the Onions are bolting, which means going to seed. The Sweet Potatoes Slips are not amused by the happenings of heat.

What can we 3 C's do to help off set this? The health of the Garden and producing our own Food for this season are at risk.

We are continuing to mulch Plants with Straw we purchased last year. Richard put down Straw around my Sweet Potatoes, his Green Onions and my Cabbages. I was methodically weeding around the Cabbages so he could lay down the Straw. The Straw will give some shade (which means the Plants will be cooler) and whatever moisture that is left in the ground will be protected too.So what do the Plants say about such doin's? I think they seem happier already. I know the Humans are.

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