Monday, May 3, 2010

"I'm Back Too"

I absolutely love to weed my Flower Beds in the Spring. I am not sure who is nourished more: the Flowers, Earth or Me. I love to play in the Soil. I love to see what is growing. I love to see the new Seedlings that are up. I love to be in the midst of Creation and Critters dancing about.

I always find surprises. I have been waiting through many months to return to this same spot. Somehow, I just settle into my place in the Garden and the whole world just drops away. It is just the Plants, Soil, Critters, and Me.

Yesterday, I was weeding along the Stone Path. My head was tucked down and I was focused. Progress was definitely being made. I was on a mission. I had my hair pulled back into a Bright Red Cloth Scrunchy Melanie made for me for Christmas.

All of a sudden, I heard something roaring around my Head. At 1st, I was shocked. And then I laughed. That Critter was close and s/he was buzzing about. Sure enough, s/he was examining my Red Scrunchy. I knew right away who my little Greeter was. Hummingbirds are attracted to Red. I slowly moved a bit and there was the 1st Ruby-throated Hummingbird of the Season. In this case, s/he was he. That dazzling Ruby Throat just laughed at the presence of me.

I laughed right back too. I could hardly wait to tell Richard and Melanie. What an announcement: "I'm back too."

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