Monday, May 17, 2010

Littles Update

The Littles are growing. We find them amazing. They are more and more active. They are flying all over. They are curious about the Camera and who is on the other side of the Lens.

Richard had mowed their yard at Melanie's request. At first that seemed like a mistake. But they seem to find worms more easily. The Grass Heads are within reach. The Clover is abundant. We don't lose them and it is much easier to make sure they are all in at night.
The Very Light Yellow Birds are White Plymouth Rock Cockerels. The Black Birds are the Barred Rocks. The Very Light Yellow Birds with Touches of Gray are Delawares.

Those "without tails" are Roosters. The instructions from the manager of the Chicken Doin's around here (Melanie) says to not make over the Roosters. When Rooster Chicks (Cockerels) are handled a lot as "pets", they have a tendency to "turn " on their Human Companions when they become adults. They seem to think of their Human Companions as members of their Flock and they need to be kept in line. It doesn't make for a fun dynamic. We have watched this happen before and we do not want to repeat it again.

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