Monday, May 24, 2010

Seed and Plant Exchange: A Beautiful Success

We 3 C's are moving slowly after the Seed and Plant Exchange we held here at the Farm yesterday. We are "full" of that wonderful feeling that comes from an event which was an unqualified success. We are "full" from experiencing so much loving energy as People came to the Farm.

Sixty-some people walked or drove down the Lane and our Drive (in cars or trucks, on bikes, in a chariot powered by Muse...yes, a chariot). Mostly they walked from the Lane with ample help for carrying their treasures. They held Plants and Seeds they loved and wanted to share.
We 60 some People mingled among our Human Family, listened to soft background Music as gifts of Musicians and their special friends (Guitar, Banjo, Fiddle, Mandolin), visited Gardens, watched the Chickens, relaxed on the lawn and in the shade, enjoyed Nature all around (including a flock of 200 White Pelicans overhead). We admired Plants and Seeds that were lovingly carried and now carefully displayed in the Garage. We visited with Friends old and new, sharing what we each liked to do in sustainability and areas about which we would like to learn. We pulled out more Stories from our Gardening and Family Treasure Trove. And we played besides.

By 3 p.m., Folks were beginning to complete the circle of their return. Once again, they carried Plants and Seeds, new found Friends of the afternoon. But this time, those Plants and Seeds were going to new Homes. All these things were anchored by smiles in celebration of the gifts of Gardening and the Earth, and the presence of beautiful Kindred Spirits.

Already, there is talk about our hosting a Seed and Plant Exchange next year. But for now, today and a slower pace are focuses of our day.

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