Monday, May 31, 2010

Notes on: Cabbages

Something has been riddling the Leaves on my beautiful and glorious Cabbages and I have found Cabbage Butterfly Larvae. We have had so much going on with Planting, I have not given them the attention that they need. Since we are growing Organically, I am looking for less toxic choices. This is what I have done so far.

I did use some Companion Planting. I am not sure if that has slowed down the process or not. I do know that it slows down Weeding, because I have to think a little more before I chop. Slowing down weeding is not always the best idea.

While I was weeding today, I noted a beautiful Cabbage Butterfly fluttering about. That little Companion seemed to leave Eggs on 3 of my Cabbages. I surely was not thrilled.

(1) I did try BT or Bacillus Thuringensis which is a commercial product marketed as Thuricide. I never like words ending in "-cide" because it means "kill". But of course, "kill" is the likely result, although I would rather wish that the Critters just peacefully leave my Garden. I mixed the BT up and put it in my little spray bottle. I did not like it. The area "smelled" and so did my hands. Several days later, the area still smelled. I have sensitivities to such things so that is alway a red flag.

I called my friend Kathy who is an Organic Gardener over in the Milan area. She suggested the following.

(2) Spray: 1 gallon Water, 2 Tablespoons (up to 3 Tablespoons) Hydrogen Peroxide, and 3 Tablespoons Molasses. Mix and spray.

(3) Diatomaceous Earth (DE): Gently powder plants.

We already had the DE so I powdered the Plants. My plan was to spray them after the next rain, which has not happened yet. Kathy said that those Critters which have been eating holes in my leaves will just crawl off and die.

My Cabbages look so beautiful. They are big and robust. I really want that to continue. In gardening, there is always something

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