Monday, May 10, 2010

Slight Frost

We did have a slight frost on Sunday Morning. WeatherUnderground said the low temperature was 31 degrees. Richard noted frost everywhere, except next to buildings and around trees and shrubs. Now that's a lesson in micro-climate. It gives us a clue about areas of planting which extend the season. As Gardeners, we like that.

Richard said he has not seen any noticeable damage from the Frost so far. We are keeping our fingers crossed. The weather will stay cool in the days but is not expected to get that low. That's a relief.

I did a "walk about" in the Garden Sunday morning. I noticed a Bumblebee all huddled up in a Pansy. I suppose you could call it a "Bee Bedroom".

When I taught Environmental Studies classes at the University of North Dakota, I remember carrying in fall bouquets of Wild Prairie Plants for my students to see. I loved bringing "living materials" into the classroom. Classrooms can be such dead spaces.

On one occasion, I had carried in a Bee in a Bee Bedroom. Since the classroom was warmer, the Bee was beginning to warm up. The students who discovered it were startled. I think they expected me to kill the Bee. Instead, I stopped class and carried the Flower and Bee very carefully back outside. When I came back inside, we talked. It was really meaningful. What I did was perfectly natural to me but not to them. It introduced them to another way of being "with Nature", rather than "over Nature" which is so common in our culture.

I looked at that Bee all snuggled into that Pansy and I smiled. "It will warm up a little later," I said.

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