Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Busy Busy

Emily and Keren joined us last Thursday to help in getting ready for the Seed and Plant Exchange. They are apprentices at Wren Song, which is a petro and electricity free farm/education center to the South of us. Keren came back on Sunday too.

We were really grateful for their assistance and to Wren Song too. On this day, they were helping with getting the area for the plants set up and making signs. Several others will be helping on the day of the event. This is really arising as a community effort, which is just as we had hoped.

We are really excited. We have tons of stuff to do in getting ready. Plus, the Sun has finally come out and we can begin to get into parts of the Garden for the warm season plantings. It will all come together. In the meantime, Max and Scamp (the Cats) remind us to stay cool about all things and catch some naps.

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