Saturday, May 8, 2010

What Tomorrow Brings

With the possibility of Frost, we did some covering up and mulching in this evening. Richard and Melanie covered up the Potato Plants which are emerging from the ground. They used Straw Mulch which we will spread open and leave down after the weather warms. Richard covered my Horticulture Beans with Straw Mulch. Neither of these Plants would be too thrilled with a Frost.

I put a big sheet over Buffalo Gal, the beautiful Rose out front which is covered with Buds. I picked some Flowers for Mother for Mother's Day. Richard gathered Lettuce and put it in the Refrigerator. We even covered up some Lettuce with another sheet. However, we have far too much to cover completely.

Melanie and I went to Sand Hill today. Sand Hill is an intentional community up in the Rutledge area. Today was their Beltane Celebration and a marker of their 36th year. We got to see their preparations to protect their Plants. Most of their Gardens (which were beautiful) seemed to be in raised beds. They are much easier to cover rather than Rows and Rows so common in style in our Culture.

This evening is just one more exercise in the fact that we Humans are not in charge here. As a Gardener, I find it sad to see see such vibrancy among the new Plants and know they are vulnerable in the face of a Frost.

We do not know what tomorrow brings. Gardeners and Farmers seem to face a considerable amount of uncertainty. I guess we need to just "let go". Whatever happens, somehow we will figure out how to deal with it.

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