Monday, May 3, 2010

Nature Notes

Richard said that "Common Nighthawks" have arrived. He 1st noticed them this evening. I just love their sound in flight: "Bzzzzzt!" as they go buzzing about looking for juicy insects flying as high as they do. I usually hear them before I see them. When they arrive, I know that Spring is well underway.

I ask Richard where they winter. He said in his characteristic way: "That's a good question." It seems these days I am drawn toward understanding more of each Species' Story. Just like each Human, they too have a story.

In particular, I want to know those parts of our Amazing Earth which support their Being. And I am in awe regarding the vast territory those Strong and Beautiful Wings know. In this case, the Common Nighthawk winters in South America. That is just amazing.

I kind of chuckle at the name "Common Nighthawk". I wonder what name they have for us. Is it "Common Human" perhaps?

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