Thursday, September 15, 2011


Use of Fossil Fuels 
alters cycles 
of Earth, 
our beloved Home,
on whom 
we depend 
for Life itself.  
Using these 
with reckless abandon,
hopeless naivete,
or Human arrogance
is go down a path
of aborting Life itself.  
Surely we did not 
come here 
to do that.
I am someone 
who grows Food.  
I have front row seats 
watching the relationship 
between Climate Change 
and our potential 
for sustaining Life.  
I am a Mother 
and someone 
of Grandmother age.  
With the years 
and experiences I bring, 
I see intimately 
how our actions 
influence others, 
those yet to come.
I request
we each cut back 
on Fossil Fuels 
and move 
toward renewable sources.  
It's pretty easy.
At its core,
it's a request 
to adopt practices 
which sustain Life
rather than seek 
to destroy it.
Why would we
even consider
anything else?
Glinda Crawford, 2011

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