Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Farm Notes

Assuming all goes well, Richard plans to begin the next round of processing the little Roosters early tomorrow morning.  Kristina is coming over for a "lesson on processing".  She will also bring a chicken from her Farm that is ready, in fact more than ready.  We have 24 to go, which means about 12 per time period.  We are all eager for this to be complete.  I suppose I should say the Humans are.  We try very hard to conduct this in a manner that is respectful of Life and the Gift of the Roosters for our own Lives.

Temperatures are cooling, especially at night.  September is marching right along.  The last few days it has been cool at night and warm in the day.  Amazingly, it seems like we are constantly changing clothes to accommodate the specific needs of the moment.  I have a little pile of clothes that I have used for a relatively brief time at the base of the closet.

We keep sampling Cane.  And it is definitely getting sweeter here on our Farm and at Hollis'.  Assuming the temperature does not get close to frost, we will make our 1st batch Molasses the 1st weekend of October.  First frost date is listed as October 12, I believe.  Our neighbor next door said the old timers always said that frost comes 6 weeks after the Goldenrod blooms.  He said it started blooming about 2 weeks ago.  I like his forecast.

We are really busy around here.  Harvest is in full swing.  My Art Show and Reunion are coming up.  I worked on getting my art ready for the Show today.  I also made progress on writing out the copy for the little cards underneath the pictures.  That feels good.

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