Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ponderings on Pond Construction

Today, we began pond construction.  I gotta say that I just cannot stand destruction of the Earth.  I get really sad and really angry.  To see how quickly beautiful Living Beings can be destroyed is not something that I find comfortable in the least.

Quick passes by the Bull Dozer through Cedar Trees turned them upside and pushed them carelessly aside with their roots clinging to the air.  Beautiful Flowers and Grasses were smashed to make way for Pond.  Dragonflies went into the air in numbers that I had not seen before. "By accident", that little Redbud is no more.  And the Butterfly Weed took a near hit.  It may be OK.  I wonder about those Hickory Trees that Richard planted.

What was damaged in the area that we did not know even existed? How many times has this scene been repeated and no one, not a single person, even takes time to feel that pain?  How many times has this scene been repeated and no one has even thought:  "Should we be doing this?"

Before this day, the area that was being readied for the Pond had slowly come back to life.  Numerous Tall Grass Prairie Plants were increasingly robust, never mind, how many living organisms were at home on that land because the habitat was just right.

Yesterday, I did head to the area and thank the plants.  I asked their forgiveness for what we were about to do.  I asked that their spirits help to make the land whole and well yet again, but in a new form.

As the Pond began to take shape on this day, I started to become more peaceful with the process.  I was less unsettled.  Another Ecosystem was getting its start.  I also took comfort in the fact that the Bull Dozer seemed "more gentle".  It was not so loud and the operator was obviously careful.

Richard stayed with the process pretty much the whole time to make sure the land was protected and the decisions that needed to made were made in a good way on the spot. He sat on what will become the pond bank.  I joined him part of the time too.

And so, one of these days, Frogs, Turtles, Fish, Migratory Waterfowl and Shorebirds, and who knows what else will call this little Farm Home or at the least a desirable stopping place.  The Humans look forward to meeting the new Neighbors who will be arriving over time.

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Team G said...

Hi Dr. Crawford....Cathy Santos here.....class of 87. I saw your photo in the Alumni Review and looked up your blog. Looks like you have a part of heaven where you live! I am not sure if you remember me......I was never a great student but always a great worker and now a great mom and wife!! :) I have been at IBM for 14 years now and am lucky to work full time at home so I can put my daughter on the bus and meet her everyday when school is out. I live now in North Carolina and love it here.......the trees are beautiful and I hate to see them come down for another drug store! You look so happy in the photos and living well on your farm! I felt sorry for the roosters tho! :) Anyway......just wanted to drop you a note. Enjoy the Autumn......I remember you fondly!

Cathy Santos Gonzalez