Monday, September 5, 2011

Difference We Can Make

Inside each of us,
we know
But we expect
change will come
from someone
outside ourselves:
the neighbor
who should conserve,
businesses who
should treat
workers fairly,
industries and farmers who
shouldn't poison
and damage the Earth,
governments who
should enact fair laws.
We're are
the little guy
after all.
What difference
can we make?
When we,
the little People, 
our behavior
to match 
what we know
is needed in these times,
change will happen
in ways rippling
far and wide.
Our actions will bring
our own
deeply yearned for
We, the People,
our Precious Planet's
finite resources.
We buy only
what we need.
We do not waste.
We buy from businesses
who treat workers fairly.
We buy locally,
thereby supporting
our own local economy.
We purchase products
which do not pollute
at any stage
through development,
use, and
return to Earth.
We buy organically
from farmers
who do not pollute
the Earth,
from farmers
who resplenish the Soil.
We buy
from industries
who do not poison
but rather enrich.
We buy from industries
which do not
rape and pillage
from the Great Mother Earth,
our only home.
We avoid buying
from corporations
who do not care,
whose bottom lines are greed,
power and control,
We enact our own laws
to guide our behavior.
We lead with our Hearts.
In every step.
That is the difference
that we seek.
It is happening
in our times.
Glinda Crawford, 2011

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