Monday, September 12, 2011

Hummingbird Watching

This morning, Melanie and I sat on the East Deck eating our Breakfast.  Hummingbirds flew about.  I always love that.  It is amazing.  This season, they are always particularly active. They dart about and we hear the whirr of their wings as they whirr by.

We have noted that at least one of the Hummingbirds loves to perch in the Wild Sunflower just off the Deck.  I put a chair alongside so that I might take Photos.  They are amazing to watch.  For a time, the Hummingbird was having its morning bath.  Careful preens followed but at the same time that little Hummingbird was ready to go, and "lickety split".  In other moments the little Hummingbird was watching insects flying around. I just sat there with my camera poised for action and the Hummer provided just that.

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