Thursday, September 15, 2011


When we went to bed last night, frost in low lying areas was predicted.  It's true that's a little early.  First frost date in these parts averages about October 10.  An old timer to this area told me that the earliest frost experienced was September 13.  Yikes.  Mother Nature follows her own rules, so we Humans must know our place and just follow along.

Knowledge of the possibility of Frost was met with what might be seen as resignation by the 3 Humans on this little Farm.  Maybe it wasn't resignation but rather acceptance that some things are just beyond our control and are not meant to be.  We are also tired and weary from some intense times along the home stretch of the harvest season.  The energy reserves are not there.  To conduct a full harvest of what's out there was just not in the cards.

But we did gather some produce that might be lost.  It was waiting in cue anyway.  That was after harvesting 12 of the Roosters earlier in the morning, I might add.  Richard gathered buckets of tomatoes and herbs.  He and Melanie put some on to dry.  Then Richard made a big pot of marinara sauce which cooked most of the day.  I enjoyed the wafts of its aroma as I worked away at cleaning and other preparations for the Art Show.  As the day moved on, the aroma of roasting Venison (and later Veggies) added to the warm nurturing nest which is our home.  It also seemed to wrap a warm loving blanket around us as we are now in the midst of the early Fall season. How quickly things change.

Through the night and early this morning, status of cold sensitive plants was unknown.  Will Jack Frost nip at our little Farm?  Will the plants make it through this bit of a cold spell?  Will we be granted a reprieve?

What is most sensitive? A quick glance notes the Tomatoes, Okra, Sweet Potatoes, Peanuts, Peppers, and our beloved Sorghum Cane. With frost, these lovely plants and their produce are "toast".  All that work and being so close to the finish line is no guarantee that we will cross the finish line with those baskets and jars of produce that will sustain us. 

A reprieve means we could have a few more days/weeks of growing.  That would be nice.  Once again, I am reminded that we Humans are dependent on Nature's cycles and her whims too. For now, we have only to wait and see.

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